29 OCT 2023

October Update - Introducing Organisations

Elton Rodrigues 2 min read

Kedyou founders

⭐ Introducing Organisations

We are very excited to announce Kedyou Organisations. Organisations are structured spaces for educational institutions, companies, and larger groups. They give schools, companies and organised groups better control of resources, and student experience while delivering educational content

Organisations provide a structured environment with various functionalities, including permission settings, integration with Azure AD, monitoring capabilities, account management, and branding options. Students, teachers and administrators can log into Kedyou using organisation accounts through Microsoft’s Single Sign On functionality. Rooms within these organisations will also have additional features such as videocall permissions and waiting rooms so administrators can ensure a positive experience for every student

All aspects of Kedyou are now managed within an organisation framework, By default, public personal accounts will have access to Kedyou’s public domain and can discover organisations, with the option to request membership. Organisation administrators have the authority to accept or decline such requests

Organisations can buy seats on an annual basis, with accounts being added from a directory or via email. In this scenario, all accounts are initially restricted to the organisation that provided them, meaning no public access without approval. This restriction enables administrators to provide a controlled environment, which is especially relevant for minors

Members can seek permission from organisation administrators to join other organisations or gain public access. Members can perform tasks identical to public accounts within the organisation environment, such as creating groups, sharing files, and interacting with others in the organisation. By default, all groups are linked to the organisation, and initial interactions are limited to members of the same organisation. If members want to interact in other ways, they can submit permission requests to an admin

Accounts can join as many organisations as they want, provided there are available seats to accommodate them

We’re currently working closely with a private school in Perth to trial and iterate on organisations, and will continue to roll out updates in the next few months

🔧 Site-wide upgrades

To facilitate our new features, we’ve refurbished some of our old tech, and brought along site-wide upgrades with it


As we built admin controls for video calls and screen sharing, we shortened the connection loop, meaning that calls now connect faster

Touch devices

After receiving some honest, but difficult feedback about our touchscreen experience on tablet devices, we bought an iPad ourselves, and have released significant improvements to Kedyou’s touch device support


In the past month, we’ve made Kedyou Drive more user-friendly. Now you can easily upload and use materials on different devices. Drag and drop works smoothly, and you can access the Drive within the room

🚀 Where to from here

We’re going to continue focusing on collaborating with our early adopters to refine and finalise our organisation features to provide more value to educators and students. We’re also still committed to supporting individual tutors, and we will prioritise features that can also improve the individual experience whenever possible

After our trial period, we’ll start opening up the creation and management of organisations on our website, so everyone can seamlessly deliver organizational content

Initially, added features will be locked to organisation accounts, especially as we continue to fine-tune them. As we start to see what’s working, and what isn’t, we’ll start extending some of these organization features to individual account subscriptions, in line with our philosophy of charging for features

If you are a private tutor, or in an organisation/school interested in providing better remote learning experiences and student collaboration outside of school, and would like a demo, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you

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About Elton Rodrigues

Elton is the CEO of Kedyou, and a private tutor with 8+ years of experience. During that time he has started and helped manage multiple private educational initiatives

He also has an undergraduate Physics degree, and is a registered Medical Practitioner in Australia

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