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Mission and vision

Change the world by making remote education better than in person teaching. We dream of the day where anyone with access to an internet connection can get a high quality education, regardless of where they live

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Our story

Kedyou was created over lunch in early 2020 on a simple idea: the world would be a better place if remote education was better than in-person education

Everything we tried wasn't very good, so we decided to give it a shot. Two years later Kedyou is a valuable and growing resource to both students and educators. With your support we have come farther than we ever imagined, and we have no plans of stopping now

We're going to change the face of education forever, and we'd love for you to come on the journey with us

The railroads of education

Railroads changed the world by removing geographical barriers to the production industry in the 1800s. After they were built, farmers and producers were not limited by proximity to each other. This was the beginning of globalization, and the world as we know it today.

Kedyou will be the railroads of education. By making remote education superior to in-person education, we're going to open up the world of knowledge and learning to anyone with an internet connection, regardless of where they live

A world class education for anyone with an internet connection. Now that's worth fighting for


Meet the team

Elton Rodrigues - Chief Executive Offier

Elton Rodrigues

Chief Executive Officer

Elton is a medical doctor, and self taught developer with Physics and Human Biology degrees. He taught himself finance, coding and web design during medical school. He's the least experienced developer on the team and is notorious for randomly breaking things

He is passionate about education, fried chicken, and sport
Oscar Hermoso - Chief Technical Officer

Oscar Hermoso

Chief Technical Officer

Oscar does our devops and database stuff. Oscar is the biggest memer and most easy going person on the team. He sometimes breaks the whole site, and then stays up all night to fix it

Max Anstie - Chief Architect

Max Anstie

Chief Architect

Max is a former game developer and founder of Space Toast Games. Max has a big brain, and leads technical implementation of our workspace features. He's pretty good at video games, is a fried chicken enthusiast and is training to become a ninja. He also squashes a lot of our bugs

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